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I started this project as a college student some 20-ish years ago (while studying NT / Koine Greek myself). After running ads for many years to cover costs, For a time, I removed the ads in summer of 2020, in favor of inviting community contributions to help fund the site's modest hosting / overhead expenses and ongoing maintenance, however as of Sept, 2023 (due in part to ongoing personal circumstances) ads have been re-enabled to augment our funding. Should sufficent resources become available through other means, I will be able to remove them once again.

Note: Contributions go directly to the online software/services account from which the hosting and overhead costs are paid and are not tax-receiptable

Fall 2021 update – please consider giving any amount commensurate to your ability (one time or monthly) as my overhead costs have risen unexpectedly this year

While contributions continue to be entirely optional and are not required to ensure the service's continuity at this time, they certainly help a lot and are most warmly welcomed! Consider it a way of saying "thanks, I really appreciate it, keep it up!" – like a tip jar or honorarium.