How to Make a Website

Have you ever wondered how to make a website for yourself?

It's kind of like making dinner. There are so many different ways to go about it, and so many different possible results

We've been developing websites for a lot of years - we do plenty of custom sites and also know where there are "loopholes" to get things done quicker and easier.

If you have ever thought of making a website on your own, but were concerned about the technical skills required, there is a great product for you to try. It's called Website Builder Pro - and with it you can learn how to make a website using the same techniques you might use to create a printed newsletter layout in Microsoft Word or another word-processing program.


Go ahead and try using the wizard above to create a site. If you like it, please support us by subscribing to a paying plan and building up a great website to serve the needs of your business or group.

One key idea to remember is the concept of "page master" which is essentially like the idea of "template" in a word processor which sets up the common areas that are included on all pages on the website. If there is something on your site that you wish to edit but can't see how, look for the "page master" mode. There is excellent help provided once logged in as well.