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I started GreekBible.com while studying NT / Koine Greek myself in college – this project has been intentionally non-commercial since the year 2000.

For many years I ran ads to cover some of the costs, but in the summer of 2020, I removed the ads in favor of inviting community contributions to help out with funding the site's modest hosting / overhead expenses and ongoing maintenance.

Over the years, the site has required only moderate upkeep, though for the last while it was harder and harder to run and host the aging code-base. This year, I've been able to fully upgrade and modernize the site. It took quite a bit of effort, but I enjoy the work, and I hope you like it, and would love to hear what you think...

Because of this recent work (Launched in October, 2023), the site will be much easier to upgrade, maintain and develop new features, so please do tell me what works for you, what doesn't work and what other things would be valuable.

Contributions to help with hosting and upkeep are accepted through my tiny holding company which pays the expenses of the site. As such, your support is not tax-deductable, but is very much needed and appreciated.
Every bit of input and support helps – thanks for helping out how you can:

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